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Hytra Restaurant, Athens

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

A good value and a good introduction to where finer Greek cuisine can take you.


  • Reinvented classically Greek dishes with a nouveau flair
  • Special mezes offer is a very good deal for a fine dining restaurant
  • Emphasis on freshness and flavor


  • Not for the budget diner
  • Psirri location requires a special trip
  • Some dislike the vivid decor colors


  • Go hungry.
  • "Hytra" refers to a traditional cooking pot used in Greek cuisine.
  • Once you're in Psirri, enjoy a wander through this newly-thriving area of Athens.

Guide Review - Hytra Restaurant, Athens

Hytra opened prior to the Olympics in a flurry of post-taverna-era restaurant openings. Chef Yiannis Baxevanis stays close to his Cretan roots - sometimes literally - providing dishes featuring traditional ingredients that are hard to find on other menus, and nearly impossible to find brought so firmly and finely into the 21st century. A spread of mezes will feed two or three people well and costs about 70 Euro, an excellent introduction to the varied ingredients and preparation methods used here.

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