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5 Things to Never Do in Greece


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Don't Try to Learn to Drive in Greece
Don't be tempted to learn to drive a stick shift while in Greece.

Don't be tempted to learn to drive a stick shift while in Greece.

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If you are a confident driver back home, that still may not qualify you for driving in Greece - or in many other European countries. While some adapt readily to the "road rules are guidelines only" attitude abroad, others spend their time behind the wheel terrified, which definitely diminishes the pleasure you might have in your trip. It also doesn't do much for the joy of your passengers, either.

However, if you want to drive yourself in Greece, please do yourself a favor. Unless you are addicted to stick-shift driving, please swallow the extra cost and occasional scheduling inconvenience and rent a car with an automatic transmission. Greece's winding rural roads, with occasional goat or sheep herds crossing the thoroughfare or tractors suddenly appearing in the lane around a curve, combined with impatient, experienced drivers behind you make this a poor place to improve your shifting skills. Every dollar you pay to get an automatic transmission will be worth it.

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