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All about Greek Cyprus, its history, climate, and sightseeing.

Aphrodite's Island
A look at the unique island of Cyprus, ancient home of Aphrodite, modern tourist delight. From your About.com guide.

The Cyprus Problem
A Greek perspective on this issue and how it affect the possible entry of Cyprus in the E.U.

Kids - Fun Places to Go
Nice collection of kid-friendly spots and services on Cyprus, including arcades, water parks, and a babysitting service. Plus a bedtime story to read!

News from and about Cyprus
Updated daily, this page connects with all the major news sources for Cyprus.

Occupied Cyprus
A Greek perspective on the occupation of Cyprus, with links to individual villages.

Tour Operators - Memodays
Excursions offered by this Cyprus company throughout the island. Click on the map or the photos.

Where to Stay, What to Buy
Good general-info page on various aspects of Cyprus life. No specific places listed.

Planning Car Trips in Greece Using Google Maps
Planning on driving in Greece? You can plan your routes using Google Maps of Greece - but there are few things you should know.

Saying Hello to Greece - in Greek
It's fun to learn a few Greek phrases and be able to pick out the letters of the Greek alphabet - here's a brief, easy introduction to speaking Greek.

Myths About Greece
No, it's not Greek Mythology - it's myths about travel in Greece. If you expect your waiter to dance like Zorba on his way from the kitchen, you'll be disappointed. Well, usually.

Greece - How Far Away is Greece from ...
How far away is Greece from hotspots in the Middle East like Lebanon and Baghdad?

5 Things to Never Do in Greece
Greece is a country of great beauty and freedom - but there are still a few things you should never do in Greece. Your trip will be happier for it.

What Are Prices and Stability Like for Greece in 2013?
Wondering what to expect on your trip to Greece in 2013? So are other readers. Here is my response to one of them.

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