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A Quick Guide to the Cycladic Islands

The Cyclades satisfy everybody


Santorini, Greece - cliffside road

The road up the cliffs from the harbor on Santorini

deTraci Regula

A quiet retreat in the Cyclades, with information on enjoying its peaceful pleasures.

Northernmost island of the Cyclades, this big island is off the tourist track just enough to provide a pleasant getaway.

The sacred island that today is an open-air archaeological museum, a must-see when you visit neighboring Mykonos.

Wild southern island in the Cyclades, mountainous and sparsely serene, perfect for a vacation within a vacation.

Supposed burial place of Homer, Ios is a popular party island with a bright nightlife.

A quiet, beautiful island with uncrowded beaches, within easy travel distance from Athens.

Mountainous island once inhabited by wealthy merchants, now a quiet getaway.

Ancient medicinal springs, locally grown produce, and a cooler summer climate than its Cycladic sisters make untouristy Kithnos a haven.

An important island in antiquity, the biggest island of the Cyclades offers rich remains of ancient times, caves, catacombs, and a light tourist season.

This busy, touristy, cosmopolitan island remains a strong international attraction, with a charming capital, glorious beaches, and a less-jammed "other" side of the island.

A beautiful, varied island with good beaches and a few interesting remains including the "Portara" gateway.

Welcoming, beautiful island with something for everyone, a "secret", discount Mykonos with a perky summer season without the claustrophobic crowds...at least for now.

Volcanic wonder island best approached from the sea, where the magnificent banding of the cliffs is visible. Good dining, pricier than its neighbors, but a must-visit.

Not well known outside of Greece and Europe, the town of Livadi on this island offers an upbeat nightlife and plenty of beaches to recover on the next afternoon.

Pottery, agriculture, and mining are major industries, tourism coming in second on this pretty, hospitable island.

Quiet but with a colorful local culture, this island offers calmness and natural beauty.

Cheerful, charming island, capital of the Cyclades, just building its tourist industry.

Small Cyclades
Remote little islands, favorites of yacht and scuba diving groups, offering rest and relaxation under the shadow of the big island of Naxos.

Lovely island renowned for its festivals of the Virgin Mary, attracting many visitors in March and August.

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