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Agios Georgios - Exploring The Abandoned Monastery at Phaistos


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A Glimpse of Agios Georgios
Agios Georgios, Crete, Greece

Agios Georgios, Crete, Greece

Picture copyright by deTraci Regula.
If you are approaching Phaistos and Agios Georgios from the southeast, your first glimpse of the church will be almost directly in the lane you are driving in. While no modern planner would put a road this close to a stone structure, the road was built before local communities were as sensitive to the destruction of old-but-not-yet-ancient ruins... and long before a sense of what modern tourism could bring to an area.

Agios Georgios is often spelled "Aghios" Georgios. Agios Georgios the saint is better known in the west as St. George. In Greece, he is revered as a protector of flocks. His feast day is April 23rd, which is widely celebrated in Greece.

The monastery was founded at the end of the 10th century, though the current church dates from the Venetian period.

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