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Medusa Bar and Taverna

Good food and drink in a traditional atmosphere


The Taverna Medusa and Bar Medusa are located next door to each other in a traditional Cretan stone walled building dating back at least a hundred years. This family-friendly taverna boasts a truly Cretan kitchen - they're proud of their garlic bread and their Snails in Garlic Sauce, both rarely found tourist menus in Crete.

If the snails are a little too typical for your family, they also offer Shrimp in Garlic Sauce for 8.5 Euro. The handful of tables for outdoor seating provides a great people-watching opportunity.

Next door, the eclectic Medusa Bar is equally warm and friendly. In July and August, the crowd is young and vigorous, but the offseason finds the place catering to a slightly older, calmer clientele.

Behind the bar, the cheerful long-haired bar manager Lefteris and his barmaids offer Mythos and mixed drinks to the sound of authentic Cretan music. Yes, the music is piped in, but finding Greek music in a Greek bar can be a challenge, and it's a nice change from recycled Top 40 hits of ten years ago which make up much of the musical landscape.

Taverna Medusa
Agia Galini
Take the second lane up from the harbor, avoiding the real road which actually permits cars. The taverna and bar are on the left (south) side at the top of the mild incline, just before the "main" cross "street". This is a typical Greek village so downscale your concept of "streets" accordingly.

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