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Madares Inn

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The Bottom Line

This small hotel in Loutro offers terrific views at a very reasonable price.


  • Clean rooms with great views, especially on the highest floors.
  • Low rates.
  • Friendly owner.
  • Great bayside restaurant.
  • Some rooms are nicely configured for families, some with kitchenette.


  • Rooms on the top floors have many, many steps and there is no elevator.
  • Closed during the winter.
  • No website.


  • The hotel is whitewashed with blue shutters - a description that tells you little in whitewashed, blue-trimmed Loutro.
  • There's Internet access for a fee next door at the Daskalogiannis Hotel.
  • Loutro wakes late, as do most traditional Greek villages where dinner ended at 11pm, so if you're up early, be considerate.
  • Rates start at about 35 Euro for a double, depending on the time of year.
  • The hotel is open May-October.

Guide Review - Madares Inn

Named for the White Mountains beyond the hills surrounding Loutro, this pleasant hotel is a great value. The hotel and restaurant are popular with German hiking tour groups who may break out a squeezebox and sing a few tunes at mealtimes at the restaurant. If conditions are right, you may get lucky and see a giant sea turtle swimming so close you expect her to get out of the water and take a table.

Madares Hotel and Apartments
Loutro Sfakia
Chania, Crete, Greece
Telephone: (011 30) 282 509 1166 or +30 6972228170
Email: madares@loutro.net

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