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Minos Imperial Resort Hotel


The Minos Imperial Resort

The Minos Imperial Resort

Minos Imperial Resort; used by permission
The Minos Imperial is a large resort complex located on the north coast of the Greek island of Crete. Billing itself as "The only Grand Boutique Premium Resort in Greece" it does succeed in offering a higher standard of luxury than some similar resort complexes. Guests can use it simply as a hotel - taking just a breakfast option - or go for half board or a full all-inclusive experience.

Awards and Recognition

The Minos Imperial has won a number of annual awards from the World Travel Awards. It also won a Condé Nast Traveler Reader's Choice Award in 2009.


It's about a 45-minute drive east along the National Road from the airport at Heraklion Airport, with a short stretch along a winding road leading down to Milatos. If you're driving yourself, or considering it, you may want to check out my advice on driving in Greece. The resort is not far from Agios Nikolaos and Elounda, offering some options for day trips from the resort if you are so inclined.

The resort is technically located in the village of Milatos, touted as a traditional fishing village, but like most large resort complexes, there is something of a conspiracy going on to keep you happy on-site. Paralia Milatos boastsa couple of hotels, so the typical seaside village is a little less typical than it might be though it is still a working fishing boat harbor.

All-Inclusive Options

The Minos Resort offers several classes of all-inclusive options. The Select and Diamond classes of service are aimed at the more sophisticated traveler, with some suites even offering private or semi-private swimming pools. They offer a variety of options, including a Royal Villa with a private pool among several other private- or shared-pool options. Some rooms have their own Jacuzzi as well.

For families, the Premium class offers a special resort-within-a-resort with simpler rooms and lots of amenities and activities for children. The Mini-Club is designed for children from 4-12 years old. There are water slides and water toys available, including a giant 'banana' boat which can hold numerous children. Personal flotation devices are available for the kids.

Visitors should be aware that most of the pools are sea water, which is very common in Greece and the Greek islands, but can be startling for travelers used to clear water pools. Remember that the Greek islands often have a shortage of fresh water, so this is a very green practice.

Dining Options at the Minos Imperial

The Minos complex itself offers six restaurant locations, with some changing theme during the day and evening. Some of them are restricted access depending on the class of package chosen. There are also five bars on the premises. This is of course not including the local spots in the village of Milatos, which is known for its seafood. While it is still a good idea to ask if it is fresh, not frozen, and locally-caught, the very obvious fishing fleet in the harbor raises the odds of truly fresh, locavore dining.

The Minos Imperial also offers a number of special-event dining options offered periodically. My choice would be the premium Lobster Evening at the Luna d'Oro, with five courses, all including lobster. There are also special Asian and Latin evenings.

Special Offers and Promotions

These will vary, but check both the Minos Imperial homepage and the Promotions & Packages page to see what special offers are available at the time you want to visit. In early 2012, they were offering a whopping 35% off for some dates. When I checked, this offer was listed on the homepage but omitted from the more generic Specials page, so be sure to check both. It won't hurt to take a peek at their Official Minos Resort Facebook page which may have some short-term offers listed. Other offers may be available from travel consolidators.

Operating Period

The Minos Imperial opens in April and closes in October. As with most places in Greece, July and August will be the busiest and most expensive months, as well as the hottest in temperature.

Minos Imperial Luxury Beach Resort and Spa
Milatos, Crete, Greece 72400
Tel: (011 30) 2841065000
Fax: (011 30) 2841081300
Email: reservations@minosimperial.com
Website: Minos Imperial Luxury Beach Resort & Spa

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