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Crete - Greece's Largest Island

Crete, Greece's largest island, is a paradise for travelers. Get everything you need to plan your trip here. Decide where to stay on Crete, what to see and do, and where to eat on this fun island.
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Airports in Greece - Heraklion
Information on the airport on the Greek island of Crete (Kriti, Kreta, Creta). It's also called Iraklio, Iraklion, and Kazantzakis Airport. Cheap flights, airport information, travel tips.

Book Tours in Crete
Save money and time booking your own tours of Crete before you start your trip.

Chania, Crete
Explore the beautiful old town of Chania in the western part of Crete.

Crete - Inn to Inn Sea Kayaking Trip Review
Check out this unique way of traveling along Crete's spectacular southwestern coast, visiting archaeological remains, nude beaches, and remote villages along the way.

Elounda's Lagoon of Mermaids
The peaceful waters conceal the sunken city of Olous, and, just possibly, a mermaid or two.

Matala Reunion Festival 2011
Need another reason to go to Crete? This early June festival lets you take advantage of off-season airfares to get there.

Explore the mysterious citadel of Crete...but watch out for the minotaur!

Mallia - Party Town on Crete
Once renowned as the site of ancient Minoan palace, this seaside town on Crete is becoming better known for its throbbing nightlife.

Moving to Greece - The Cool Guide to Living on Crete
Moving to Greece? Here's a helpful, fun collection of information for living the expatriate life on the Greek island of Crete.

Preveli Palm Forest Fire
A devastating wildfire struck one of only two native palm forests on the Greek island of Crete. Restoration efforts are promised, but will they happen?

Souda Bay, Crete Guide
From About.com's U.S.Military Guide, a look at the U.S. base hosted by the Greeks at Souda Bay, Crete.

The Caves of Matala
Caves of Matala - these ancient caves of Matala, Crete are fascinating for their history, from ancient times to the present. Alleged modern occupants include Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, John Lennon, and others; Joni Mitchell definitely spent a period living in one.

Who lived in the Caves of Matala
Matala Crete - Who lived in the Caves of Matala? A better question might be, who didn't?

Wildflower Tour of Crete
Crete is renowned for its unusual and abundant wildflowers, many of which grow nowhere else in Greece - here's one way to get to know the wildflowers of Crete

Will You Take Me As I Am - Joni Mitchell Biography Review
Joni Mitchell spent a formative time in Greece, particularly at Matala, Crete, where fans still visit. Her arguably best album, Blue, contains two songs with references to her time in Greece. Author Michelle Mercer explorers Mitchell's time in Greece and other influences on the album.

Crete Centennial 2013
In 2013, Crete celebrates a hundred years of unification with Greece. While much of Greece was liberated from the rule of the Ottoman empire long before, Crete did not get its freedom until 1898. For the next fifteen years, it was its own nation.

Matala Festival 2012
The Reunion festival is back for a reunion of its own, as Matala again welcomes and embraces its hippie-haven past.

The Cities of Crete
When we think of Greek islands, most of us think of whitewashed village. Crete has those too - but it also has a string of genuine cities along the north coast.

The Ethnological Museum of Vori, Crete
Travels taking you to Southern Crete? Don't miss this small gem of a museum devoted to the handcrafts and history of more recent Crete.

Souda Bay, Crete
Souda Bay and its U.S. military base draw visitors to northwestern coast of Crete.

Hersonissos, Crete
Is this small town on the north coast of Crete a good choice for your vacation in Greece?

Battle of Crete 2011 70th Anniversary Schedule
Battle of Crete 2011 70th Anniversary Schedule

Matala Festival Beach 2013
The Matala Beach Festival, in its third year, expects bigger crowds than ever in 2013

Crete As Seen From Space
Greece's largest island makes a big impact, even when seen from very far away in these NASA astronaut photos.

The Other Bali
The village of Bali on the north coast of Crete is very different from the "other" Bali in Asia - but it's a charming spot with a small-island feel.

The Greek island of Chryssi lies off the southeastern coast of Crete near Ierapetra.

Ierapetra, Crete
The coastal town of Ierapetra can be a great jumping-off spot for exploring southern and eastern Crete.

Cretan Kayaking for A Cause
Feel like an adventure for a cause? Senior kayaker and adventurer Bob Danon hopes to paddle a few hundred miles of Cretan coast to benefit Alzheimer's research.

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