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Getting Online in Greece


Remember, Greek hotels that do offer data ports often are charging you, usually dearly, for the privilege. If you're from the U.S., be prepared for a shock. Most of the world is still on hourly rates for the Internet, plus phone connection charges. Cybercafes will charge less than hotels, usually about 2 Euro an hour.

Because of these higher charges, not everyone online is checking their email everyday, and response times may be much slower than what you're used to. For most within-Greece purposes, a phone call or fax is still a surer, faster way of getting in touch with a business or hotel than email.

Frequent-Traveler Tip for Getting Online in Greece

With more and more places providing Wi-Fi access, it's easier than ever to get online. Usually. If you're a frequent traveler to Greece, you may find that a hotel where you connected easily last year is now a problem, even though everything seems to be set up properly and ready to go. The problem in this case may be that you have an outdated setup from your previous visit - and in the meantime, they may have upgraded, changed passwords, or made other alterations. You'll need to drill down and remove all of the "old" access information for that location from your computer and then try to reconnect.

This tip saved me from an expensive service call on one of my recent journeys, when I was at my wit's end needing to get online using my own computer rather than just working remotely at a cybercafe. It never occured to me that having accessed internet there previously could block me from doing so later.

iPass Inc. is another company offering remote access and internet roaming.

Forthnet Internet Services
Established Greece-based company offering Internet access and services. Here's their Services List. Over 65 points in Greece, large local-call cost coverage. Also offers Telecom services.

Provides IRC software, channels, and connectivity information. Some info only in Greek.

Established Greece-based multi-service provider. Presently the monopoly-holder on Greek Internet access; virtually all ISPs go through OTE lines.

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