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Ikarus Rock Festival

Music Festival on Crete


Ikarus Rock Festival Poster 2010

Ikarus Rock Festival Poster 2010

© Ikarus Rock Festival

A New Music Festival on Crete

Mountains, music and masses of young people - it seems like someone should have come up with this idea for a music festival on Crete long before now. And in keeping with the Cretan spirit of hospitality, admission to this one is just 10 Euro, plus a small charge for using the shuttle service from Mallia on the coast.

Scheduled for Friday, August 6th 2010 the rock festival is the brainchild of Avdou native Tasos, who is the lead singer for Black Ocean, Greece's first pro surfer, and who also runs an artist's retreat called The Ikarus in his home village of Avdou.

Ikarus Rock Festival Lineup

Barb Wire Dolls (USA/GR), Angwish (USA),organizer Tasos' group Black Ocean (USA/GR), Bad Motherf*cker (USA), Puta Volcano (USA/GR), Mighty Shakers (GR), Xipoliti Stratia (GR), Pulse. (GR), New Kourites All-Star Jam Band (USA/GR), Host MC: Queen Isis (Barb Wire Dolls), and "Very Special Surprise Guests".

What You Should Know about the Ikarus Festival

The Ikarus Festival organizers believe they will have enough parking at a large village festival lot nearby. My advice? Take the shuttle they plan to provide rather than risk trying to find parking along curvy roads once the festival lot has filled up. NOTE: There is NO Ikarus Rock Festival in 2011 - it may resume in the future.

If you do drive to Avdou, please take care - even their press information reminds attendees to "Please drive slowly and carefully once entering the village, being extremely cautious of older citizens and children." That's good advice throughout Crete - and, for that matter, throughout all of Greece. (I'd add watching out for goats, the street dogs, and unexpected tractors as well.)

While Crete is warm in the summer months, it can get still get cool at higher elevations in the wee hours, so plan accordingly.

When: Friday, August 6th 2010 beginning at 6pm.
Location: Outside the village of Avdou, on the island of Crete.
Cost: 10 Euro

Where to Stay:
Lodgings in Avdou are limited but rooms are available in Mallia, Chersonissos, and other points along the north coast of Crete. The high-summer date means rooms may be at a premium, so book early if you can.

Official Website: The Ikarus Festival Website

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