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Pan-Hellenic Delphic Games Return to Delphi

I've waited 2,500 years for the Muse to return, and She has come.”


Dancers of the Isadora Duncan Institute

Dancers from the Isadora Duncan Institute perform in Greece

Copyright Isadora Duncan International Institute; used by permission
Delphi is a fascinating destination well worth including on almost any trip to Greece. With the towering Mount Parnassus and the evocative remains of the Temple of Apollo, it rewards a day's wander. But now, Delphi is determined to firmly re-establish itself as a cultural capital of Greece. A proactive Mayor is revitalizing the ancient Pan-Hellenic Delphic Games, a cultural presentation and competition dating back thousands of years.

With the participation of Jeanne Bresciani and the Isadora Duncan Institute, Delphi will host eight days devoted to the arts. After seeing Bresciani and her highly-trained troupe of professional dancers perform, the mayor of Delphi had an epiphany. "I've waited 2,500 years for the Muse to return, and She has come," he commented. Special room rates and packages are offered by the town, and public presentations will be offered at unusual sacred sites generally kept off-limits. This is one event that should appeal to almost everybody - ardent Grecophiles, New Age goddess worshippers, ancient history buffs, dance and arts aficionados, those who love the geography of Greece - and your average day tripper wandering over from Athens.

There's an old saying "The time, the place, the people". This looks to combine all of them against the perfect proportions of the ancient oracle site of Delphi.

Accomodations: The Town of Delphi is providing a range of accommodations and meal plans for program participants. Students, scholars and artists from all disciplines are invited to be a part of this mythic event. Attendees will be able to choose from a variety of intensive experiential workshops in the art of dance, music and poetry. There will also be presentations by scholars on various aspects of Delphi and its history and mythology.

Want to do more than just watch? Visit http://www.idii.org for further program details.

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