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Calling Greece

What time is it in Greece?


Country Code for Greece: +30
Area Code for Athens: +210
New number format for Athens: 210 XXX XXXX.
Calling Athens from the US? Dial 011 30 210 XXX XXXX.

When should you call Greece, to hit business hours and avoid waking up Dimitrios, your second cousin thrice removed? This easy time calculator helps avoid problems. Simply enter a city in your own time zone and compare the normal waking/working hours for a (near) match: Calling Time Calculator for Athens.

For that matter, what time is it right now in Greece, anyway? This will help: Athens Time Right Now.

Wait a second - what are you calling on? If you need a cell phone for use in Greece, try these links: Cell Phones in Greece. And if you're using your own U.S.-based cell phone, be sure that your phone will work in Greece and that you understand the potential phone charges before you accidentally run up a big bill.

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