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Cell phone providers in Greece.
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Mobal Cell Phone Service
Is a Mobal cell phone a good option on your trip to Europe? Find out in my review of this service.

Get Greek Ringtones for Your Cell Phone
Download Greek ringtones for your cell phone. Requires a free registration.

Calling Greece
Calling Greece - including time differences, calling codes, and how to call Greece.

Cell Phone Rental
Rental packages for cell phones in Greece. Note: you need a SIM card as well as a phone, which can be pricey.

My Own Cell Phone in Greece
User-friendly approach to renting a cell phone for use in Greece from Matt Barrett. Includes direct phone delivery to your hotel.

Calling Codes for Greece
Find the new calling codes for Greece, along with area codes for every Greek town and city. From Kropla.com.

Cell phone provider with many locations in Greece. Offers pay-as-you-go phones and the employees all speak English among other languages. Excellent coverage throughout Greece. Recharging minutes requires cash in Euros.

Time Zones for Greece - Calling Greece - What Time is it in Greece?
Find out what time it is in Greece right now. You can also find the time difference and time changes between different time zones.

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