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My Big Fat Greek Wedding Blu-Ray 10th Anniversary Edition

So, when's the sequel?


Nia Vardalos and Rita Wilson

Nia Vardalos and Rita Wilson

Getty Images/used by arrangement
The funniest Greek-themed movie ever, and the second-highest-grossing independent film of all time as of this writing, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is coming to Blu-Ray in a special 10th Anniversary Edition. It's slated for release on November 13th, 2012, making it a great opportunity for putting a little Greek in your Christmas. The film is based on Nia Vardalos' own life experiences marrying "outside the faith" - to a non-Greek. Trivia bonus point - While John Corbett portrays Ian in the movie, her real husband portrays a friend of his at the college. (He also has a cameo as a disturbing Greek hotelier in Nia Vardalos' movie "My Life in Ruins".)

Nia Vardalos shot to stardom after the success of this movie, which was produced by Rita Wilson, the Greek-American wife of actor Tom Hanks. Rita Wilson later appeared in "My Life in Ruins", Nia Vardalos' uneven follow-up comedy set in Greece. But "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" remains the Greek to beat, and I've long hoped for a true sequel - set in Greece, of course. Maybe the Blu-Ray reissue of the movie will inspire a follow-up.

The Blu-Ray 10th Anniversary Edition will include a DVD version and a Digital Copy of the movie as well.

Special Features are not necessarily final at this moment, but are said to include:

  • The original Audio commentary with Vardalos, Corbett and director Joel Zwick
  • "A Look Back at My Big Fat Greek Wedding" - 30-minute retrospective with Nia Vardalos and John Corbett, created for this edition.
  • Deleted scenes.
List Price: $19.98

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