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Beaches - Best Nude & Non-Nude Beaches in Greece

Great beaches permitting nude sunbathing throughout Greece, including Mykonos, Crete, and many other places.
  1. Crete Nude Beaches (7)
  2. More Bare Beaches (5)
  3. Nude Beaches in Greece (13)

Beachhopping in Greece
Take a look at some of Greece's abundant, gorgeous beaches. From your About.com guide.

How to NOT Visit a Nude Beach
Determined to avoid that kind of bare sand? Here's how to increase the swimsuit ratio for a more family-friendly experience.

Sharks in Greece
Sharks in Greece - are there sharks in Greece and the Greek islands? The answer is yes - but just how worried should you be?

Useful tips for Crete beaches
From Explore Crete, very handy information about the beaches of Crete, including which ones are your best bets when the high winds are blowing - handy information unless you want a free exfoliation treatment when the sand starts dancing.

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