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Paradise Beach, Mykonos

24-hour fun on the Greek island of Mykonos


Paradise beach, mykonos, greece
GRAHAME McCONNELL/Photolibrary/Getty Images
World-renowned, this nude beach is jammed day and night in summer but is still a beautiful stretch of sand. Nudity takes second place to the continuous party atmosphere, though toplessness is common.

In past years, full nudity was also common but its very popularity has tended to keep more suits on in recent years. Cap'n Barefoot's Mykonos page keeps up on the details of the changes for nudists.

A campground behind the beach provides a cheap place to stay, making this beach particularly popular with the young and poor (or just cheap).

If you're not staying on Paradise Beach itself, it can be reached by boat from Platy Yialos, by taxi, and by hopping on the handy and cheap Mykonos public bus - but clothes are required on the bus.

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