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Nude Beaches


See a church nearby? The beach won't be a nude one.

See a church nearby? The beach won't be a nude one.

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Nude Beaches on Amorgos

The island of Amorgos in the eastern part of the Cycladic Island group has several nude beaches. The beach of Levrossos attracts the most nudists, and it is the closest thing to an "official" nude beach on the island.

While Amorgos is a relatively quiet Greek island, if it starts to feel too cosmopolitan, there are several small islets nearby, all of them offering quiet strips of sand or pebble beaches. Nikouria is easy to get to.

The intrepid Captain Barefoot details the individual nude beaches on Amorgos, including access to the beaches, and also includes links to Google maps of the areas. Remember, though, that a trail that looks "easy" from high above the earth may be much less doable on the ground... and even less so on the way back up after a long day of sea, sun, and sand.

More on the Beaches (nude and non-nude) of Amorgos.
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