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Cheap Greece

Need to save money on your trip to Greece? Here are some options.


Here is my list of the best discounts, deals, and specials on Greek travel. The more "permanent" discounts - such as Olympic Air's weekly "Weekender" program - are lower on the page. The Greek offers with quicker expiration dates are listed toward the top of the page. Some offers may have space limitations and may expire before the stated date, or be subject to other restrictions. In particular, some deals, especially last-minute ones, may not be refundable or changeable.

1. Aressana Spa Hotel, Santorini - 50% off

Aressana Spa Hotel, Santorini
Aressana Spa Hotel - used by permission
Through July 7th, guests can save up to 50% off room rates at the Aressana Spa Hotel in Fira on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. Rooms include what may be the best breakfast buffet in all the the Cyclades.

2. Aegean Airlines Travel Specials

Aegean Airlines has unveiled its new Low Fare Finder which shows the cheapest flights available for months ahead.

3. Olympic Air Weekender Specials

Each week, Olympic Air discounts a number of domestic destinations in Greece and at least one international destination. Note that the prices are sometimes different for the "to" and "from" options, and remember that the prices are given Euros, not dollars or pounds.

4. Seabourn Cruises - Discounts on Mediterranean Cruises to Greece

The luxury line Seabourn Cruises is offering some deep discounts on Greek islands cruises in 2012. These offers may change - check their special offers page for general cruise discounts and the Mediterranean Cruise page for cruises including Greece and the Greek islands.

5. Costa Cruises Massive Discounts on Greek Cruises - Up to 81% Off

Costa Cruises is offering deep discounts on many of their cruises, including a number of Mediterranean trips with stops in Greece and the Greek islands, including a 7 Night Mediterranean Cruise on the Costa Magica from $387, and there are many more options. I expect good prices to continue on most cruise lines operating in Greece through 2013, but this is an exceptional value as Costa seeks to re-establish itself.

6. First Choice/Sun Holidays Holiday Villages Discount

deTraci Regula; licensed to About.com
This family-friendly all-inclusive company is offering deep extra discounts on September and October bookings. Use discount code 29750 by July 30th - it's a British company so allow for the time difference. Holiday possibilities in Greece include two on the island of Rhodes, several on Crete, and one on Corfu/Kerkyra. They also offer a calculator for finding out if an all-inclusive holiday will save you money or not - perhaps obviously, most possible calculations show that it will.

7. Aegean Airlines - 30% on Flights to Athens, Book by July 9th

This deal is good for flights this fall beginning September 12th. Book by July 9th (allowing for the time difference with Greece) and you will save 30% on Aegean international flights to Athens. There are no blackout dates, but seats are limited. You may want to pounce on this one. By the way, Aegean uses the European dating system, so 12/9/2012 means September 12th, not December 9th. Be careful when booking.

8. Regent Seven Seas Cruises Discounts 2012-2013

Regent is an all-inclusive luxury line offering some unexpectedly good bargains on cruises in the Mediterranean, with many of them starting or ending in Athens and offering stops in the Greek islands. Depending on the cruise and cabin class, Regent's special offers may include free air or air upgrade, two-for-one pricing, and discounted deposits. This is a line that still expects guests to dress well for dinner, and while formal or semi-formal garb is only required on trips longer than 16 days, jeans are never allowed in the dining room. Not the best choice for the determinedly casual traveler, but if you want a deep taste of luxury, this could be the one for you. Again, even with the discounts this is not a "cheap" cruise, but they do offer exceptionally good value.

9. Week in Matala with Transfer from Airport, most meals - 230 Euro Per Person

Matala, Crete
Picture by deTraci Regula; licensed to About.com
You can spend a week at a small hotel in Matala, Crete on this special offer from Dimitris Villas. It includes daily breakfast and dinner, plus your transfer from Heraklion Airport, over an hour away and usually a 60-Euro taxi ride or less convenient bus ride for about 7 Euro each way. Dimitris Villas is not on the beach, but within the sound of the waves and it's a quick walk to the pebbles and sand.

10. Norwegian Cruise Lines - Air Credit on Greek Island Cruises

Norwegian Jade, one of the ships on the Greek Island routes
NCL; used by permission
Norwegian Cruise Lines is offering deep discounts on many of its sailings which include Greece and the Greek islands. Plus, they are offering up to US $1000 air credit on some sailings.
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