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Syntagma Square


Syntagma Square

The Heart of Athens:

This sometimes-turbulent square may be the true heart of Athens - jammed with traffic and often used as a focal point for student marches, union strikes, and other political protests.

Contrast and Compare Syntagma Square:

But like the rest of Athens, and the Greek spirit itself, it's a place of high contrasts. Luxury hotels line the square, and pedestrian-friendly streets lead away from it and ultimately to the Acropolis and Parthenon itself.

Syntagma Square Metro Station:

The Metro Station has numerous exits and entrances here, and below ground, you can enjoy looking at exhibits excavated during the construction of the subway.

Lightweight Luxury:

Need refreshment? Provided you don't look too ratty after a day of sweaty sightseeing, the hotels you may have decided you can't afford to stay in can still provide a pleasant stop for a drink or light snack; just be prepared for a hefty price per pour.

Changing of the Guard:

Every hour, there is a ceremonial transfer of power among the traditionally-garbed guards outside the Parliament Building. Only a Greek can make a pleated skirt and fluffy ball-toed shoes look both manly and rather threatening. On Sundays, the ceremony is more complex and offers a particularly good opportunity for photographs.

Rich History is Ignored:

Though you'll be hard put to find any mention of it, Syntagma Square was once called "The Garden of the Muses" and is believed to be where the "Peripatetics", a group of philosophers led by Aristotle, used to wander in the grove of trees that once grew here.

Is it a Sin?:

If you're looking for more information on Syntagma Square, it is sometimes spelled "Sintagma" in guidebooks and other resources. And, occasionally, it's called Constitution Square.

More on Syntagma Square:

You can also watch live webcam footage of Syntagma Square from the top of the Grande Bretagne hotel. Just select the "Parliament" option from the drop-down menu.

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