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Pictures of the Acropolis and Parthenon

The Crown Jewel of Athens


The Acropolis is the hill that dominates Athens and acts as a lodestone to visitors to Greece. The Parthenon crowns the Acropolis and is what remains of the dazzling temple to Athena Parthenos, the protectoress of Athens.

But that's not all the Acropolis site has to offer. There are two ancient theaters that are still intact, and many other small, intriguing ruins, particularly along the less-visited slopes.

And you don't want to miss the New Acropolis Museum, filled with some of the treasures that didn't get away. Many of them are still in the full colors provided by their original ancient pigments; unfortunately, the British Museum staff thought the statues Lord Elgin sent over would be improved by the liberal application of bleach. That's just one of the reasons that makes the quest for the return of the marbles such an important issue for Greece.

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Wander and Ponder the ancient marblesModern gateway is constructed from the ancient oneColumns at the ErechtheionThe Parthenon crowns the Acropolis in Athens.Athena's Prime Real Estate
Every Angle Reveals a TreasureCaryatids get all the Attention...On the Sacred Way to the TopAthens spreads out below in a vast maze of streets
Picture of the Annia Regilla and Herod Atticus theater at the Acropolis Ancient Theater at the AcropolisModern events still fill the hard marble seatsThe "Other" Acropolis of AthensThe Temple of Olympian Zeus
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