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Ride the Athens Happy Train


Athens Happy Train

The Athens Happy Train is handy for sightseeing while sitting down.

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Updated November 24, 2013
When I first saw this short, carnival-like train winding by my table at a streetside taverna in the Plaka, it seemed so unlikely and out of place that it made me laugh as I lunged to make sure my camera bag was safely out of the way of its wheels. So the "Happy Train" doesn't mislead in its name. By the time of its next pass about forty minutes later, I was ready with my camera. I'm not sure if the guy in the last car of the train was a "Happy Train" employee or not, but he certainly looked happy and made a point to wave gaily when he noticed me taking a picture.

Fun Sightseeing Option for Athens

Tourists spending a long day in the Plaka and Acropolis area may welcome the chance to sit down and be taken through the narrow streets on this unusual, silly ride. If you pay attention instead of just zoning out while you're on the train, it can help you get oriented to the area for a later visit. But just by itself, it's an amusing and relaxing way to mindlessly spend a few minutes of your sightseeing day.

Where to Catch the Happy Train

The train starts at Monastiraki Square, right near the metro stop. Tickets for adults are Euro 5, children Euro 3. Tickets are good all day long, and the train makes several stops along the way to allow passengers on and off.

Make Sure You Stay Happy with the Happy Train

Are Happy Trains always happy? Well, I wouldn't recommend them for serious transportation needs while under a cruise-ship departure deadline, as the Traveling McMahans learned.

But otherwise, hop on board.

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