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Unusual Spas in Athens

Nibbling fish, anyone?


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  • Even if your own hotel in Athens doesn't offer spa services, you have some indulgent options available. You can let fish nibble your feet to pedicured perfection, learn the meditative practices of a full hammam bath, or try absorbing ouzo in a whole new way.

    Fish Spa

    The first time I heard of a nibbling fish spa was in Turkey, where the Garra rufa fish originated. Now the foot-loving fish have arrived in Athens at a modern facility which introduces another level of indulgence - while you have your dead skin cells directly recycled into the tickly mouths of the little fish, you can get in some people-watching through large glass windows. Voyeur? Exhibitionist? Just a calloused type? This spa, whose clientele is mainly female, may be just the place for you. The website offers a live webcam if you'd like a peek. One unexpected plus - kids can also have a fish treatment. But beware - if your child or tweeny has this experience in Greece, you know they'll never even mention seeing the Parthenon to their friends back home. It'll be all about the fish.

    Prices may vary, but expect to pay about 18 Euro a person.
    Aiolou 45 - Upstairs.
    Athens 10551
    (011) 30 211 800 3700
    Athens Fish Spa - Select the British flag for the English page.
    Email: athensfishspa@gmail.com
    Fish Spa also has a number of locations on the Greek island of Rhodes.


    Turn the clock back about a century and in Ottoman-ruled Greece, finding a hammam or traditional Turkish bath would have been no problem, but after the occupation ended, the neighborhood soak spas were unpopular reminders of oppression. But now there is a new hammam, stripped of politics, where you too can strip and enjoy an indulgent, moist cleansing and massage in a beautiful environment.

    Prices vary, but a massage and traditional hammam bath will run around 45 Euro per person.
    Opening Hours: 1pm-10pm Monday through Friday; 10am - 10pm Saturday and Sunday
    Reservations recommended
    Melidoni 1 Athens 105 53
    (011) 30 210 323 1073
    Hammam - Website information is minimal at this time.
    Email: info@hammam.gr

    Grand Bretagne Hotel GB Spa

    Nothing is "odd" about this luxurious spa located at the iconic Grande Bretagne Hotel on Syntagma Square but they do offer a nicely unusual trio of signature treatments featuring Greek ingredients. One of them focuses on the mastic resin from the island of Chios, which is increasingly valued for its healthful benefits and includes the "Mastic Foot Ritual". Another signature treatment uses Greek yogurt and honey. But the one which entices me is the "Well Being Massage" using ouzo-infused oil. I've experienced ouzo being used therapeutically to drive out all but the the strongest germs, and while it didn't apparently do me much good for an incipient cold one morning, I'd like to see how Grande Bretagne uses it to work on sore and tired muscles.

    Prices vary depending on the spa services and whether or not you want to purchase access to some of the Grande Bretagne Hotel guest amenities on the day of your treatment, but allow at least 125 Euro up, with some treatments above 200 Euro.

    GB Spa
    At the Grande Bretagne Hotel
    Syntagma Square
    Athens 105 63 - Greece

    GB Spa

    Lake Vouliagmeni

    More of a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to healing spa experiences? A visit to the natural lake of Vouliagmeni near Athens might be the perfect match for you. Numerous hotels - with their own spas - operate near the lake, but the alleged natural healing powers of the mineral-rich, summer-warm waters outshine them all. Access to the lake itself is organized, and there is a day use fee, but it's only a fraction of what you would pay for a spa treatment at a hotel. Expect to pay around 8 Euro a person, plus transportation to Lake Vouliagmeni from Athens. Here is an account of a therapeutic day at the lake.

    Lake Vougliameni isn't your only option for swimming in therapeutic waters in Greece. Here are some more ideas: Swimming in Hot Springs in Greece

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