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Sightseeing - Greek Archaeology, Museums, and Monuments of Greece

Enjoy these reports on Greek sites, recent finds, student volunteer opportunities - everything for the intrepid amateur or student of ancient Greece and its culture. Museums, archaeological sites, sightseeing.
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Corinth Picture Gallery
The ancient city of Corinth and the high acropolis above it are well worth a long wander if you are traveling in the Peloponnese.

Images of the Ancient City of Gortyn
Visit the ancient city of Gortyn, see its famous Gortyn Code, the basilica of St. Titus, and many other monuments and temples.

Top Attractions in Athens
Visit the best of the best in Athens, Greece.

Ottoman-Era Monuments in Greece
Rising up from ancient ruins, the Ottoman occupation left its mark on the archaeology of Greece. Understand these often-ignored monuments from the Ottoman era in Greece.

Visiting Akrotiri
Visit Akrotiri, the once-buried Minoan town on the island of Santorini.

Fave Caves of Greece
Explore the caverns and caves of Greece. The caves are great alternatives to another day of museums and archaeological sites.

Dodona - The Unforgettable Forgotten Oracle
In the valley where some say Greek civilization began, Dodona's ancient theater beckons visitors.

Meteora Monasteries
Meteora - The Monasteries of Meteora

The controversial reconstruction of Knossos draws thousands of visitors daily.

The monasteries of Meteora occupy one of the most dramatic landscapes in Greece.

Akrotiri - Santorini's Mystery
Visit the evocative ruins of the Minoan town.

Mycenae, Fortress of Time
The brooding Mycenean fortress still looms over the Peloponnesian plains.

Museum of Prehistoric Thira
Visiting Akrotiri? This excellent museum of the frescoes and other objects found at the site and elsewhere around Thira (Santorini) will enhance your experience considerably.

Visiting Vravrona
This beautiful temple site is located in Attica, not far from the Athens International Airport.

Why Go to Gortyn
Don't skip this Graeco-Roman site on the island of Crete. From your Greece for Visitors Guide.

Quick Tip: Stay on your feet at Greek monuments - Safer sightseeing in Greece
Slick marble and steep inclines can make getting around archaeological sites in Greece a challenge. Here's a tip to keep you safely on your feet.

Greek Archaeology Resources
Terrific collection of links to sites, discoveries, and more, from Guide Kris Hirst.

Ancient Greek Cities
Excellent information and photographs on a selection of famous ancient Greek cities, especially good on often-overlooked Sikyon. From Ellen Papakyriakou-Anagnostou.

American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Advanced archaeological studies program based at Athens, involved in many excavations in various parts of Greece.

Antikythera Implications
Gears, Galleys, and Geography. Abstract of a paper by Rob S. Rice, presented to the APA.

Archaeological Institute of America
Official website of the AIA, including fieldwork opportunities, tours, and an interactive photographic research study.

Cultural Maps of Greece
From Greece's Ministry of Culture, terrific clickable maps of Greece's archeological sites.

Byzantine Macedonia - Archaeology and Art
Prof. Ch. Bakirtzis of Aristotle University looks at the art and archaeology of the period and region.

Corinth Computer Project
Fascinating collection of diagrams, maps, and information from the current excavations by The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology.

A look at this excavation in Eastern Crete which has revealed a prepalatial Minoan cemetery and workshops.

Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
On-line textbook of key elements, particularly Minoan culture, religion, and neolithic centers.

A quick look at Thermopylae, the famed site of the battle between the Greeks and the Persians depicted in the movie "The 300".

Best Archaeological Sites in Greece
You may discover some other gems, but these sites have withstood both the test of time and visits from millions of tourists.

Abandoned Greece

Top Historic Sites in Greece
What are the best historic monuments to visit in Greece?

Delphi - A History of the Center of the Ancient World

Book Review: Passage at Delphi by A.K. Patch

Greek Sites with Extended Summer Hours

Crocodile May Be New Tourist Attraction for Amari, Crete
A Cretan crocodile is the target of capture efforts but may instead become an enduring tourist attraction if a local mayor has his way.

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