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Thessaloniki International Airport

Northern Greece's Portal




CIA World Factbook; in the public domain.
Travelers to Northern Greece often pass through Thessaloniki's Macedonia Airport. Here's what to expect at this airport.

Thessaloniki International Airport Tips:

The Thessaloniki International Airport is a modern, full-service airport with all the usual amenities for the international traveler. This includes such "essentials" as 24-hour shopping, a restaurant, various snack providers and bars, and customs processing.

Carriers Serving Thessaloniki

Aegean Airlines, Olympic Airlines, and Austrian Airlines all maintain offices at Thessaloniki International Airport. Dozens of other companies fly into Thessaloniki, including British Airways , Lufthansa, and many others. British Airways' inexpensive and convenient flights from London's Gatwick Airport to Thessaloniki flights are especially popular.

Find Your Line

If you are traveling from the United States, or any non-E.U. nation, you may be directed to "E.U." lines for entry. Most travelers in Greece are from the E.U., so this is a natural mistake though it may cause some confusion. You want the "non-E.U." line. And if you're from the United States, you are not from a "Schengen" nation which you may also see as a line option.

Getting into Thessaloniki

There are plenty of taxis ready to whisk you into town in about 30 minutes, charging approximately 10 Euro for the ride. But single budget travelers will do better to wait for the 78 Bus, which costs less than a Euro and will get you into Thessaloniki in just under an hour. The bus schedule varies but it generally runs at least once an hour, and usually more often.

Airport Code

Searching online? Thessaloniki's IATA code is SKG.

Airport Website

Thessaloniki International Airport Macedonia

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