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Airport Codes for Greece

Where are you flying in Greece?


Tourists just before their departure from the airport of Nikos Kazantzakis on June 15, 2010 in Heraklion, Greece.
Bastian Parschau/Contributor/Getty Images News/Getty Images
Looking for airfares to Greece on line? These IATA codes will help you get the rates for Athens, Greece instead of Athens, Georgia!

Finding Your Right Airport

Airports in Greece usually have at least two "official" names. The first and most commonly used is usually the placename with Airport or International Airport added. The second gets a little trickier - it usually honors a famed local historic or mythological figure. This means that in a few cases, very different airports may have similar names. There are two Odysseas Airports, two that begin with "Ioannis", and so on. Sometimes, these secondary names occur in two forms - the Greek form and the English translation. Before clicking "Book it", make doubly sure that you are choosing the right airport for your destination.

Also, many of the smaller airport codes are similar to each other and may not have any obvious connection with the name of the town or Greek island. Using JSI instead of JSY, or vice versa, will get you on the wrong island entirely.

Greece Airport Codes

Athens International Airport - ATH
Also called Eleftherios Venizelos or Spata, Spada; Athens is also spelled Athina

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Heraklion Airport, Crete - HER
Also called Nikos Kazantzakis Airport; Heraklion is also spelled Iraklion or Iraklio.
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Chania Airport, Crete - CHQ
Also spelled Hania, Xania, Khania.
Also called Ioannis Daskalogiannis Airport - do not confuse with the Ioannis at Corfu below. More on Chania Airport There is talk of another airport to be built on Crete to replace HER, but that is still a number of years away.

Corfu or Kerkyra - CFU
Also called Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport. Do not confuse with another Ioannis at Chania above.
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Ioannina - IOA
Also called the King Pyrrhus Airport.

Kalamata - KLX
Also called Kalamata International Airport or the Nestor Airport.

Kavala/Chrysoupoli - KVA
Also called Mega Alexandros or Alexander the Great Airport.

Kefalonia - (Cephalonia)EFL
Also called the Odysseus or Ulysses Airport.

Kos (Cos) - KGS
Also called Ippokratis or Hippocrates Airport.

Lemnos - LXS

Also called Hephaistos or Ifestos Airport. Mykonos Airport - JMK
Confusingly, the Mykonos airport is also called Delos or Dilos Airport after the nearby sacred island.

Mytilene/Lesvos (Lesbos) - MJT
Also called Odysseas Elytis

Milos Airport - MLO
Also called the Afrodite or Aphrodite Airport.

Naxos Airport - JNX
Also called Apollon Airport.

Paros Airport - PAS
Also called Artemis Airport.

Preveza/Aktion National Airport - PVK
Also called the Aktion Airport.

Rhodes (Rodos) Airport - Diagoras International Airport RHO
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Salonica/Halkidiki - See Thessaloniki

Samos - SMI

Santorini (Thira,Fira) - JTR
Also called the Zefyros Airport.

Skiathos - JSI
Also called the Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport.

Skyros Airport SKU Also called Aegeo Airport

Syros Island Airport - JSY
Also known as Demetrius Vikelas Airport

Thessaloniki - SKG
More on Thessaloniki Airport

Thira - See Santorini above

Volos - VOL
Also known as Nea Anchialos Airport.

Zakynthos - ZTH

Also called Dionysios Solomos Airport

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