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Christmas in Antiparos


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Christmas on Antiparos - Church on Antiparos
Church in Antiparos adorned for Christmas

This small church on Antiparos is adorned with festival flags, which are a constant feature of church festivals in Greece.

Picture of Antiparos copyright by Carree Moore; used by permission.
Reader and Antiparos resident Carree Moore was kind enough to share her experience of Christmas on Antiparos, 2010. Thanks Carree!

She writes: "Well, I have proof that Santa finally came to the island last night (after too many cancellations due to storms and cold weather). He was, of course, late. All the parents stood on the ferry dock, muttering about the fact that there was no ferry in sight and pretending to the little ones that Santa had to visit many islands before coming to Antiparos. I noticed that the waiting children seemed to be mostly toddlers and that the naughty children dressed in black were absent.

To our surprise, there was no ferry...By the light of pink flares, Santa came over the hill on a bicycle!! He was followed by children dressed as reindeer, then children dressed in Santa costumes, then the naughty children in black, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse!! Everyone fell in behind Santa and we paraded through the village to the central square. The parade of costumed children toured around and around the square before finally stopping at Santa's hut, where he gave each child a small toy. A very successful visit!

It was a lovely evening with a full moon rising over the event. Afterwards we went to the only open taverna, Pantelis, and had dinner before walking back up the mountain in the moonlight."

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