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Thanksgiving in Athens, Greece


Updated November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving in Athens, Greece

While there's little trouble finding a turkey, which is a popular bird in Greece, it's harder to find a traditional Thanksgiving dinner celebration in Athens. Though the cornucopia which often adorns the holiday table originated from the "Horn of Amaltheia", the goat nymph who suckled Zeus when he was a baby, the modern holiday itself is strictly American.

In ancient times, the women's festival of the goddess Demeter, called the Thesmophoria, was offered in gratitude for the bounty of the earth, but Thesmophoria celebrations are equally rare these days. Your best bet will be to check the major hotels with a largely American clientele, and to also call the American Embassy to see if there are any events open to the public which you can attend. Just don't expect to eat at the embassy - the gates are closed and employees spend the day serving underprivileged immigrant children a turkey dinner.

Hotel Events in Athens

Upscale hotels catering to American tourists will usually acknowledge Thanksgiving and other American holidays in some way, often with a special dinner.

At the Athenaeum Hotel Intercontinental, there is usually a special Thanksgiving dinner at Cafe Zoe. Expect to pay around 50 Euro for a Thanksgiving buffet. However, if you can forgo turkey, you might still prefer dining at the excellent restaurant located on the roof, Premiere. Here's a peek at the turkey.

The Marriott Athens Ledra is also popular with Americans. The buffet at the Zephyros will run around 55 Euros per person, excluding drinks. It's a full traditional Thanksgiving dinner accompanied with live music, from 7pm to 11:30.

Cooking your own Greek turkey this year? It's easy - just remember to add some lamb, always a good strategy when cooking for a family of Greeks.

For an alternative Thanksgiving in Athens Greece, you can enjoy a 5-course vegan meal at the Improv5 Cafe & Resto. The vibe is young and Greek; if you're looking for a more traditional setting, try the hotels mentioned above.

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