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Christmas Customs in Greece

Explore the rich Christmas traditions celebrated in Greece, including kalandas, foods, and the Greek history of Santa Claus (St. Nicholas or Nikolaos).
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Winter Solstice in Greece
The "other" winter holiday in Greece hearkens back to its ancient roots.

Christmas in Antiparos
Catch a glimpse of the charming Christmas procession on the small Greek island of Antiparos, just across the channel from Paros.

Holiday Specials at the Hotel Intercontinental, Athens
The Athens Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel is offering a great variety of special holiday season getaways and meals - including a 5am "Hangover" breakfast.

Christmas in Greece - Christmas Customs in Greece
Christmas in Greece - Greece Christmas customs, traditions, Greek Christmas carols, foods, where to spend Christmas in Greece

New Year's in Athens, Greece
New Year's Eve in Athens, Greece provides a trio of free concerts, big crowds, and, since it's Greece, lots and lots of fireworks.

Christmas in Athens, Greece
See the wonderful celebration of Christmas and New Year's in Athens, Greece, courtesy of the Athens Mayor's Office.

Greek Christmas Ornaments
Make your Christmas a Greek Christmas with these fun ornaments and Christmas decorations available online.

When is Christmas in Greece and how is it celebrated?
Christmas in Greece - a look at the colorful Greek Christmas customs, traditions, and beliefs.

These winter goblins are said to be active during the period between Christmas and Epiphany.

Christmas in Athens, Greece - Celebrations in Athens, Greece
Christmas in Athens promises to be better than ever with a rich program of free public events, Christmas decorations, and much more.

Christmas in Greece - Was Santa Greek? Greece for Visitors
Christmas in Greece - Was Santa Greek? Read the tale of St. Nikolaos and decide if this Christmas legend is based on the ancient Greek saint.

Send a Greek Orthodox St. Nicholas Day or Christmas Card
Send a Greek Orthodox electronic greeting card for Christmas, St. Nicholas Day, and other winter feasts and holidays.

Greek Christmas Customs
Explore the tales of Christmas as celebrated in Greece, from kalendas to recipes and tales of mischievous spirits.

Greek Christmas Greetings
What to say in Greece for the holidays.

Greek Christmas Customs - Basil
A look at this special herb and its significance in the Greek holiday season.

New Year's Day in Greece
How Greece celebrates New Year's Day

Athens Gets Shorted on Christmas Tree
Abandoning a competition for "Europe's Tallest Christmas Tree", Athens is finding other ways of marking the holiday.

A Christmas Photo Album of Greece
Great photos of Athens adorned for the holidays. The surprising winter secret? Now you get to see Athens with green grass, not weeds.

Christmas in Greece?
Take a look at a Christmas-card perfect shot of Athens in snow, and consider a trip to Greece in the cool season. From Matt Barrett.

Christmas in Sfakia, Crete
Sfakia Christmas and New Year's customs include delicious food.

Greek and Cretan Christmas Customs
Excellent page on Christmas customs, including more on the killankatzoroi, and why you may smell burning shoes at Christmastime.

Matt's Christmas Diary
A day-by-day account of a Christmastime trip to Athens - from persuading his daughter they might see Santa from the plane to a "miraculous" trip-extending punctured eardrum.

Melomacarona Cookies
Here's a recipe for this traditional Greek Christmas treat.

Christmas in Athens Greece
Christmas in Athens is filled with music, courtesy of the City of Athens and its extensive free music program for the holidays.

Kalandas - The Christmas Carols of Greece
What is a Kalanda? What are Kalandas? What are Greek Christmas Carols like?

Share Your Greek Christmas Story - Tell Us About Your Greek Christmas
Have a great Greek Christmas memory or story to share? Whether it happened in Greece at Christmas or in any Greektown or other location around the world, let's hear about it.

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