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Where is Vouliagmeni?:

Vouliagmeni is located south of Athens on the west coast part of the Attica peninsula, the so-called "Athenian Riviera" or "Athens Riviera".

Why Should I Go to Vouliagmeni?:

Want to skip staying in Athens itself? Need a hotel while waiting for an early-morning flight? Want to go swimming in December? These are all reasons you may find yourself in Vouligameni, but generally, you will pay for the privilege. One low-priced option is the Hotel Armonia.

Getting into Athens from Vouliagmeni:

There is public transportation into Athens, and the E 96 Airport Bus runs through Paleo Faliro, making it easy to go into Piraeus, which is a transport hub for getting to Athens itself. Taxi service is also available, and some of the hotels offer shuttles. If you're driving yourself in Greece, it's a relatively easy drive into the city from Vouliagmeni

Experience a Different Side of Greece:

Wealthy Athenians live in Vouliagmeni, and the restaurants reflect a more international standard - at international prices.

Blue Banner Beaches:

The beaches are kept sparkling clean, you pay for parking, and people keep their clothes on. All of this may be perfect for some, intolerable for others.

The Sunken Lake Vouliagmeni:

Huh? How can a lake be sunken? Don't things usually sink in lakes? Geology buffs and swimmers will both appreciate Lake Vouliagmeni, which though close to the sea is a freshwater lake fed by seepage. It was once a large water-filled cavern, but the stone roof collapsed long ago, leaving the lake. The waters are naturally warm, or at least tepid, something swimmers enjoy year-round. You can enjoy some unusual spa experiences in Vouliagmeni as well.

The Downside of Vouliagmeni:

If you're looking for a cheap taverna experience, or if you think the seaside location will give you a taste of what it feels like on a Greek island, Vouliagmeni is not for you. Vouliagmeni is its own special world, well worth a visit and a unique spot on the Attic coast.

Travel to Greece:

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