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All-Inclusive Resorts in Greece

Everything's included except stress


Kalypso Resort, Crete

Kalypso Resort, Crete

Kalypso Resort

Planning a trip to Greece can be a great adventure in itself, but if you're not up to the task of managing every detail of your vacation, all-inclusive resorts can provide a great vacation experience without any pre-trip stress.

Club Med in Greece

The best-known and the first all-inclusive resort company is Club Med. Club Med operates four resorts in Greece, but these are sometimes omitted from their promotions and pamphlets in the United States.

Their family-oriented Athenia Village is located south of Athens but may not be open in 2014. There are other villages on the island of Kos, at Gregolimano in coastal Northern Greece, and at Mare Nostrum.

Club Med also offers weekly special offers for those who can vacation on short notice.

All-inclusive or not?

Club Med originally pioneered the "all-inclusive" concept, but it has expanded to include a number of variants, some of which are not so all-inclusive. That option is still available at some resorts, but many other packages vary in what they include. Special programs for children are usually extra. The Greek "Villages" at Kos and near Athens are on the "All-inclusive Option" plan. It's still available, but it may not be at the purchase price that is being promoted. The website can be slow, and does not list "Villages" by country; search on the specific names given above. But given the general downturn in travel, there are often discounts available for vacations in Greece.


Mark Warner's

U.K. operators in general offer more all-inclusive vacation options. One deluxe resort is Mark Warner's family-friendly vacation paradise at Lakitira on the Greek island of Kos. Lakitira is particularly rich in watersport options, and specialized childcare is available, even for infants (4 months and older). Here's an account of a British family's stay at the all-inclusive resort.
More on Lakitira


Maris Hotels

Maris Hotels in Hersonissos, Crete offers "all-inclusive" packages and bills their seven hotels as "all-inclusive" resorts, but the number of add-on amenities is extensive, including some drinks and special food items. And if your idea of sport activities includes more than tennis, table tennis, or beach volleyball, be prepared to pay additional fees. But they offer one more fee-based opportunity not included at most resorts - a spinal rehabilitation institute on the premises and extensive physical therapy facilities.

Book Direct: Travelocity Specials on All-Inclusive Vacations

Kalypso Cretan Village

This small all-inclusive resort on the south coast of Crete offers scuba diving and other water sports in a scenic area. The short "Fjord", now used for swimming and sunbathing, was once a favorite pirate spot as they could conceal their vessels in it. They offer a couple of different levels of "inclusiveness" depending on your interests and needs. Note: The Kalypso was once a clothing-optional retreat, but that is not the case now. Also, there are other "Kalypso" hotels on Crete and throughout Greece - make sure you are booking the right one, which is near Plakias on the southern coast of Crete.

Charter operators such as Thomas Cook often list some all-inclusive options.

Kalypso Cretan Village

Gouves Park Holiday Resort, Crete

This resort offers a family-friendly all-inclusive plan. The included activities seem a little limited for much beyond swimming pools and table tennis, but it is in a beautiful location along the north coast of Crete. Non-inclusive options are also available. Gouves Park Holiday Resort Packages


Is There All Inclusive on Santorini? Sort of.

Santorini is better known for luxury hotels but there is one "all-inclusive" option on the island - two if you count each hotel separately. This is the Mediterranean Royal at Agia Paraskevi in the Monolithos area of Santorini near Kamares and the Mediterranean Beach hotel. Due to the way some booking sites organize hotels, the fact that these are actually on Santorini is sometimes obscured - if you're looking for the island or town of Monolithos, you'll be disappointed. The Mediterranean Royal offers an all-inclusive option with basically means the option of full board is offered. Be aware it is not beachside, the facility itself is small - just 50 rooms - and activities are not included. There is an extra fee for the hotel shuttle into Fira. Its sister hotel, the Mediterranean Beach Hotel, also offers a full board option and is located more directly at the beach; it also incorporates charming modern windmills into its architecture.

Compare Prices on the Mediterranean Royal Hotel, Santorini


All-Inclusive on Corfu


 (Kerkyra) Especially popular with British travelers, the Marbella Beach Hotel on the island of Corfu offers an all-inclusive plan alongside its regular booking opportunities. They seem a little shy about it - the only information on the website is located under "Media Downloads" where there is a full-featured pamphlet on the program. It mainly covers food options and limited activities - one free half hour on a pedalo boat once during your stay is one of the offerings. There is a program for children and some other perks, but do the math on this one as many items are add-ons.

Greek but Not in Greece:  Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, Cyprus

This resort hotel in  Cyprus offers a "Gold Club" all-inclusive option for its guests. The all-inclusive option includes full amenities and facilities for children.

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