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Apokrias Carnival in Patras

Apokrias or Carnival in Patras

City of Patras; used by permission
Definition: The Greek word "apokrias" comes from two Greek words, apo meaning "from" or "away from" and "kreas" meaning "meat", referring to the Lenten period of fasting. There are many variants on how it is spelled, in part because there is no "official" transcription of modern Greek into the Egnlish alphabet.

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Pronunciation: uh-pok-ree-us
Also Known As: carnival, greek mardi gras, carnivale, carnavali, karnivale, karnival
Alternate Spellings: apokreas, apocrias, apokris, apokries
Common Misspellings: apokreas, apocrias, apokris, apokries
The Carnival season in Greece is called apokrias.

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