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Greece Travel Glossary

Greece Travel Glossary - Stumped by a Greek word or phrase you found planning your travels? Not sure what that seemingly friendly shopkeeper really said? Check the Greece Travel Glossary.

What does the Greek word "Opa" actually mean?

Agora - What is an agora and why does Athens Greece have two of them?

We use the word "alpha" a lot in everyday conversation - but what does it really mean? The definition of alpha.

What is apokrias? Why is apokrias so important in Greece?

Filo Dough
Filo - What is Filo Dough? This Greek essential deserves a place in your kitchen, even if you don't cook Greek food.

The Epitaphios is the focal point of Good Friday processions and adorning the bier that carries it is a sacred task undertaken in an evening session of flower-stringing and wood-polishing.


Kairos - Time out of Time
Kairos - What does the Greek word Kairos really mean?

Grecomania - What is Grecomania?
Grecomania - What is Grecomania?

Flokati Rugs - What exactly is a flokati rug and do I want one in my house?

Kalispera! You'll hear Kalispera a lot in Greece - here's what this word means.

Kalimena - is that the same as kalimera?

Kathari Deftera
What is Kathari Deftera in Greece and why will it affect your travel plans for Greece?

Find out about Kalimera - and here's a hint: it has nothing to do with squid or octopus in Greece.

Greek National Tourism Organization
The GNTO or Greek National Tourist Organization is a great source of free information on tourism in Greece.

Most travelers to Greece think they know what a "Gyros" is - but do they, really? Here is what "gyros" means in Greece.

Kalandas - The Christmas Carols of Greece
What is a Kalanda? What are Kalandas? What are Greek Christmas Carols like?

These winter goblins are said to be active during the period between Christmas and Epiphany.

What does "kefi" mean? What is Kefi?

The Troika
The Troika exerts power over Greece's financial future. What is this powerful triad nicknamed "The Troika"?

New Democracy Party
What is ND?

What is PASOK? Quick definition of PASOK, one of the leading political parties in Greece

What does "plaka" mean?

You'll be hearing "Yasou" all over Greece - but just what is being said? Find out the meaning of Yasou and related words.

Yia-Yias - The Grandmother of Greece
These often black-clad figures are almost everywhere in Greece.

VAT or V.A.T Tax in Greece
What is the VAT tax in Greece and is it worth getting a VAT Tax Refund?

Pita bread in Greece - why is it so hard to get pita bread in Greece? Find out about pita bread - and what you may end up eating instead in Greece.

Greek Haircut
Does the average traveler to Greece have to worry about the Greek Haircut?

Oxi or Ochi
Ochi is one of the essential words to know in Greek before you go.

Grexit - no, it's not a small hobgoblin which likes to sit under Greek columns. Unfortunately, it's much much worse than that.

Love meat? This day and weekend in the Greek Carnival season is made for you.

What is Spring Equinox?
What exactly is Spring Equinox and why is it important for Greek Easter?

Resurrection Night in Greece
Easter Saturday in Greece is more crucial than Easter Sunday for many Greeks.

One more term emerges from the Greek financial crisis - Drachmageddon. It just sounds ominous, doesn't it?

Decoding Greek Villages
Going to a new destination in Greece? You may know more about it than you think - just from the name.

Filotimo - Philotimo
You will experience filotimo in Greece - so find out what it is before you go.

Lagarde List
No, this is not a new luxury products list - though it has everything to do with some of the wealthiest individuals in Greece. Find out what the Lagarde List is.

Filoxenia - What does filoxenia mean in Greek? And why is filoxenia especially important if you are planning a trip to Greece?

What is a Caique?
Some of Greece's best beaches and small offshore islands can only be reached by "caique" - but what is that?

What's that TAP-ping sound? Opportunity for Greece, which may affect the ease of travel in Greece in years to come.

Do you know what to say when it's time to say goodnight in Greece?

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