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About Greece Travel Awards 2013


Winners List for the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards

Greece has no end of fantastic places to stay, to see, and to enjoy. During voting, individuals can vote up to once a day, every day. Automated voting is prohibited and will result in disqualification of the nominee.

From now through February 11th, until 11:59pm EST, you can nominate for the best in the categories listed below. Then the results are reviewed and finalists are selected for the final voting period which will start on February 19th and end on March 19th 11:59pm EST. The winners will be announced on March 27th, 2013.

No prizes except a cool Winners Logo graphic to display - and the opportunity for a lot of cries of "Opa!" for the winners.

To nominate, you can log in using your email address, your Facebook login, or an About.com login.

1. Best Small Hotel in Greece

I love the small hotels of Greece - while they may not all be quite like "Villa Donna" in "Mamma Mia the Movie", sometimes they provide a much more intimate and colorful experience than their larger cousins, and they are often located in charming, less touristy locations which can only support one or two small hotels instead of the coast-hogging behemoths of the most popular areas. Let's celebrate some of the small hotels of Greece here - and the hardworking Greek families behind them. Scroll down for more nomination categories

2. Best Value Hotel in Greece

A great trip can be made even better with a great deal. Did you experience a hotel offering either a very low price or an exceptional experience for the cost? You can nominate it for Best Value Hotel in Greece.

3. Best Fine Dining in Greece

The gastronomy of Greece is filled with delights, but many tourists never experience it, sticking to the reliable and inexpensive tavernas instead. Those are wonderful, too, but what "foodies" are missing! Did you know that Greece is a producer of truffles? World-class saffron, gathered since Minoan times? If you've found a delicious dining spot, especially one which makes use of Greece's marvelous array of local ingredients, vote for it and share it with other readers who are hungry for the same.

4. Best Luxury Hotel or Resort in Greece

Luxury hotels in Greece have grown better than ever in recent years, as well as more numerous. Here is your chance to pick out the best luxury hotel or resort in Greece, ones that offer beautiful locations, great amenities, fantastic spas, and world-class service.

5. Best Greek Island

I know - it's hard to choose among the many favorite islands in Greece. If you're stymied, decide on your favorite Greek island just for 2013 - next year, you can change your mind and favor another. I admit, based on overwhelming numbers of fans, I'm tempted to ban nominations for Santorini (last year's winner in 2012) - trust me, it will be on the final list, but if there is another island you especially love, you may want to make sure it gets some love by nominating it.

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