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Concerts, Events, Festivals and Holidays in Greece - Greece Travel
Events in Greece - Find out what's happening during your trip to Greece. Find concerts and music festivals, drama festivals, cultural events, holidays, and ...
Events in Greece in September - Greece Travel - About.com
Other Greece-related events for this day include the Greco-Egyptian Queen Cleopatra giving birth to her son Caesarion on this day in 44 B.C. and, coincidentally ...
Events in Greece in October - Greece Travel - About.com
What dates are important in Greece in the month of October? They can affect your travel plans - both positively and negatively.
Events in Greece in December - Greece Travel - About.com
While Christmas dominates the calendar in Greece for December, a few other days of note manage to slip in. Here's what to expect on your winter trip to Greece .
Events in Greece in August - Greece Travel - About.com
Greece has no end of events to entice visitors. Here are some of them in the month of August.
Events in Greece in July - Greece Travel - About.com
What events and historic dates happen in Greece in July?
Travelling Greece in September 2013 - Greece Travel - About.com
Travel in Greece in September 2014 - find out all you need to know about weather, events, festivals, prices, and travel tips for Greece in September.
Greece Festivals, Feast Days, Holidays, and Celebrations
Greek festivals throughout Greece, in Athens, on Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, ... Brief articles on many holidays can be found here: Events and Folklore.
Events in Greece in November - Greece Travel - About.com
On November 6th in 1915, during World War I, new Prime Minister Stephanos Skouloudis formed a new Greek government which supported the Allies.
Timeline of Major Events in Ancient Greek History
Ancient Classical History (Classical Antiquity) begins with Homer, Hesiod and the Olympic Games in Greece and the founding of Rome in Italy. The first part of ...
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