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When The Decade Really Ends
When does a decade really end? does it end at December 31 of the year ending in 9 like 2009 or the year ending in 0 like 2010? Opinions differ. Read why and ...
President John F. Kennedy Gives Man on the Moon Speech
... and stated that the United States should set as a goal the 'landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth' by the end of the decade.
Fatima Prayer - Decade Prayer for the Rosary
The Fatima Prayer is commonly recited at the end of each decade of the rosary.
Decade Overview of the 1920s Video
But by the end of the decade the 1920s, no matter how much it roared, however jazzy it was, comes to a crashing finale when the stock market just falls through ...
Decade Overview of the 1930s Video
By the end of the decade, attention starts to increasingly focus on what is going on outside the borders of the United States. FDR tries to get Americans to pay ...
Great Depression - 20th Century History
In an attempt to end the Great Depression, the U.S. government took ... After nearly a decade of optimism and prosperity, the United States was thrown into ...
Top 20 Rock Songs of the '00s - Rock Music - About.com
By the end of the decade, James Hetfield and the rest of the guys would return to their head-banging ways with the gargantuan Death Magnetic, but “I ...
Events and Trends of the Decade - 2000-2009 - Home Business
The U.S. and much of the global economy tanked at the end of the decade, with the worst economic downturn in the U.S. since the Great Depression. The terms ...
Decade Overview of the 1940s Video
The 1940s is, of course, the decade of the Second World War. ... The end of the war - the Pacific phase of the war - ends with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima ...
Top 10 Middle East Stories of the Decade - Middle East Issues
At war since 1979, Afghanistan's many wars entered their fourth decade in 2009, with no end in sight.
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