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When The Decade Really Ends - Management - About.com
When does a decade really end? does it end at December 31 of the year ending in 9 like 2009 or the year ending in 0 like 2010? Opinions differ. Read why and ...
President John F. Kennedy Gives Man on the Moon Speech
... and stated that the United States should set as a goal the 'landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth' by the end of the decade.
Fatima Prayer - Decade Prayer for the Rosary
The Fatima Prayer is commonly recited at the end of each decade of the rosary.
Retirement Savings by the Decade - Budgeting and Personal Finance
Of course, you don't know how much you'll earn a decade or two in the future. ... If the short-term numbers seem overwhelming, try just focusing on the end goal.
Afghanistan's Wars Enter Fourth Decade - Top 10 Middle East ...
At war since 1979, Afghanistan's many wars entered their fourth decade in 2009, with no end in sight.
The Decade in Pork - US Government Info - About.com
As we near the end of 2009, another decade of pork barrel, earmark spending of your money by your U.S. Congress cha-chings to a $208 billion end.
Biggest News of the Decade in Animated TV- End of Decade Wrap ...
The first decade of the new millenium brought big news events in the world of Animated TV. Following is a wrap-up of the most stunning and influential news ...
This Day in Science History - May 25 - Kennedy Aims for the Moon
May 24, 2014 ... This was the beginning of the Apollo program that did successfully land men on the Moon on July 20, 1969, before the end of the decade.
Timeline of the Civil Rights Movement, 1965-1969
By the end of the decade, white Americans had moved their attention away from the Civil Rights Movement to the Vietnam War, and the heady days of change ...
A Decade of Amazing Changes in the Business of Real Estate
We're ending a decade, and there's never been one as dramatic in history. From 2000 through 2009, there have been amazing changes in every facet of real ...
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