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Before You Buy Greek Tours and Cruise Packages


Travelers to Greece face a seemingly bewildering array of options. On closer examination, these tours of Greece start to sound strikingly similar. Why? Because they are.

Most tour packages of Greece are essentially built from the same components. Know your options - the independent traveler can often customize a similar tour of Greece for less money, or just relax and choose to let a professional organizer do all the planning.

Full Tour Packages of Greece

This type of travel arrangement includes hotels, some meals, some sightseeing, and may include a cruise or airfare to and from Greece. The transfer to and from the airport is also usually included. Most of the transportation is usually by motor coach. These are great for the vacationer who doesn't want to do their own planning, or for the impulse traveler who wants to get a pleasant, worry-free (but usually not very deep) introduction to Greece.

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Greek Island Cruises

Cruises of the Greek islands may be one of the most memorable ways to experience Greece. Most Greece-based cruise ship tours are relatively inexpensive and provide a pleasant way of seeing a number of locations in a short period of time. Yacht tours are also surprisingly affordable. Many cruises may include airfare or a night or two in a hotel in Athens. Cost per day per person varies; on short 3- or 4- day cruises, it's in the $160 - $220 US range.

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Greek Island Hopping Tours

Like Coach Tours, these can be booked independently, through the concierge desk, or through a travel agent, either prior to your trip or on impulse. Usually, they will include transportation by ferry, hydrofoil, or plane, and a hotel room. Sometimes a meal or sightseeing tour will be included, but this is not invariably the case - they mainly are used to get you to and from the island and to guarantee a place to stay once you're there.

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Shore/Port Excursions in Greece

Shore and port tours are purchased through your cruise ship company, and generally cost between $70 and $100 US per person for three to four hours of sightseeing. Limited port time at some destinations makes many of these tours your only opportunity to sightsee, especially if the actual destination is a distance away from shore.

Tours of Athens and Mainland Greece

Fun, touristy, but almost irresistible, almost everyone ends up on one of these. Taken at the beginning of your stay, the basic Athens Tour can be a great way to get an idea of Athens. Other variants include the Sound and Light Show at the Acropolis, an afternoon trip to Cape Sounion to see the Temple of Poseidon, and an evening of entertainment in the Plaka. Usually a good value, expect to pay about $60 - $80 per person US.

Too Independent?

More independent travelers to Greece may want to just pre-book their flights and hotels. Travelocity is one source you can book direct: Travelocity European flight and hotel packages.

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