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Scuba Diving in Greece

Diving grows in popularity as restrictions fade


It's time to go down under -no, not to Australia - but underwater in Greece. Clear waters and interesting sealife helps scuba diving in Greece to thrive, despite restrictions on where you can dive. The Greek Government is attempting to protect unsalvaged ancient sculptures, walls, and other artifacts by limiting scuba diving to a few approved areas. While this protection of heritage is commendable, it has been frustrating for divers. As scuba diving has grown in popularity, some of the restrictions have been eased. Recently, many new areas have been opened up for scuba diving, and the number of companies offering scuba diving has increased.

Snorkeling is not so regulated, but obviously doesn't offer the same intensity of experience that scuba diving can.

One new diving operation is the Notos Mare in Chora Sfakia on the southern coast of Crete. This fully-equipped center has a helpful and friendly staff most of whom speak very good English. They offer diving classes and local trips through the crystal-clear waters of the Libyan Sea.

The best bet for dive frogs is to connect with one of the companies offering yacht-based diving tours. One of these, Diving Holidays in Greece, offers a number of different itineraries to interesting underwater areas. Excluding airfare to Greece, the cost is about $175 per person a day for a week-long diving odyssey. Groups of 25 or more can select their own itinerary.

If diving through the sister ship of the "Titanic", the "Britannic", appeals to you, ANDI Greece is planning on offering a dive trip to the wreck. The website is scanty on details; contact them directly.

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