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News Headlines from Greece

What the press is saying today in Greece


News from Greece about the latest Greek financial crisis may affect your trip

News about the troubled Greek economy is impacting the Euro and the EU itself.

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Keep up to date on events in Greece with these major on-line Greek news sources, updated frequently. You may also want to know How Will the Greek Financial Crisis Affect Your Trip?

News from Greece updated at least daily Monday through Saturday; English only. Lists planned strikes on Mondays.

Athens News Agency
Updated at least daily; news in English on this page, other languages including Russian, Chinese, and Greek can be accessed here.

Athens News
News about Greece. Updated weekly with many in-depth articles; English only

Television News in Greece

Sky TV Greece
This link plays all programming from Sky TV in Greece, not just news. In the case of major events, such as the fires, the news coverage may be continuous. In Greek only.

During strikes by journalists in sympathy with other unions, news and media sources in Greece may not be updated. If you want to know what the Greece news today is during those times, I've found the BBC World News site to be useful when news coming out of Greece is scanty. The CNN International Edition is also helpful for news from Greece, especially for Greek news headlines which are not being covered in the U.S.

The National Herald
Greek-American newspaper on line, covering many stories on Greece plus activities and news of Greek Americans.

AnsaMed-Greece. News with a business and tourism slant for the entire Mediterranean region, including Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus. In English, Italian, and Arabic; link here leads to recent news about Greece in English.

I-news Cyprus
Mostly in Greek but has brief summaries of some news stories in English, located at the right-hand side of the page - you may need to scroll down. You can also use these easy Greek-to-English translation tips if you need to read a particular story.

Other News Sources About Greece

GR Reporter Some interesting financial news and analysis in addition to general news about Greece.

Athens-now Blog
Good on celebrity and sports news, always including a photo.

Greek Hollywood Reporter Based in the U.S., it specializes in Greek and Greek-American celebrity news.

Today's Events in Athens
Calendrical listing of events in various locations in Athens. From AngloInfo.

Hellenic Shipping News
International news about the shipping industry as it affects Greece and Greek shipping companies - which dominate the global industry.

Athens Plus
ARCHIVE ONLY. Magazine-style newspaper produced by Kathimerini, with detailed tourist-friendly local coverage of Greece, including a map. To access, click on the newspaper image - this will take you to a .pdf of the newspaper. No longer published; still has some excellent travel articles and background pieces on Greece.

More Greek News Sources

For more breaking news on Greece, you may also want to search Twitter using #Greece, #Athens, or similar terms. You can also follow me on Twitter at @gogreeceguide. For a weekly roundup of some key news stories from Greece and more travel-related information for Greece, you can also subscribe to my About Greece newsletter, published weekly plus a few special issues through the year. Unsubscribing from my newsletter is just as easy - follow a personal link at the bottom of each newsletter whenver you want to unsubscribe. If you have a website, you can also add my RSS headline feed from the same page. You can also check out my Greece Travel Forum and other ways to interact with the site.

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