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Heraklion Museum - Information


cretan goddess poppy headdress

A larger clay statue seems to give a blessing.

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How to Get to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum:

Note: this museum closed for renovations at the end of October, 2006; a small but choice selection of objects opened in 2008 in a space on the street behind the museum itself.

The Archaeological Museum is located on Xanthoudidou Street, just off Plateia Eleftherias, a twenty-minute walk from the main cruise ship dock or a cheap taxi ride from the harbor. You can also take the Number One bus directly from the airport.

Heraklion Museum Hours:

From November 1st to March 31:
8am - 5pm, Mondays: 12.30 till 5pm
From July 1st to October 31 :
12.30 - 7pm
Tuesday - Sunday and Holidays 8am - 7pm
Note: Recently, Greek authorities have been extending posted hours of some key attractions during peak tourist periods. These additional hours are usually not noted on the websites and travel agents and hotel desk clerks will generally not know about them. Verify with the museum what additional hours they are open.

Museum Entrance Fees: 6 Euro, students and visitors over 65: 3 Euros.
A combined 10 Euro ticket good for the Museum and the ancient palace of Knossos is also available.

Handicapped access is limited to the extensive ground floor, still worth a visit.
Watch out for: Extra fees for using a tripod (usually enforced) or video camera (generally not enforced for small cameras). Flash photography is forbidden (don't argue, it's to protect light-sensitive pigments on ancient art).

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