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Easter in Greece - Dates

When Greek Orthodox Easter is Celebrated


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Will you be able to celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter in Greece on your trip? Here are enough Greek Easter dates to keep the most avid advance planner happy, from 2014 to 2024.

Note: Every few years, "Western" (Catholic and Protestant) Easter and Greek Orthodox Easter coincide; these years are indicated by (same) following the date. Want to celebrate two Easters in Greece rather than just one? Choose accordingly... and remember many Greek Easter observances are at midnight, accompanied by fireworks.

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Easter Dates

2015 - Easter Sunday - April 12th
2016 - Easter Sunday - May 1st
2017 - Easter Sunday - April 16th (same)
2018 - Easter Sunday - April 8th
2019 - Easter Sunday - April 28th
2020 - Easter Sunday - April 19th
2021 - Easter Sunday - May 2nd
2022 - Easter Sunday - April 24th
2023 - Easter Sunday - April 16th

2024 - Easter Sunday - May 5th

Have more questions on Greece and Greek travel? Email me. More on Greek Easter celebrations in Greece including the pre-Lent Carnival Dates.

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