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Greece Through the Year - June

The first month of the summer season


Greece Through the Year - June
In June, Greece truly wakes up to the summer season of tourists, cultural events, and a very un-Greek busy lifestyle. Merchants, taverna operators, and hotel personnel who live most of the year on the mainland return to the islands to deal with the summer surge of Grecophiles.

The major cultural festivals which comprise the Hellenic Festival open, with events at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus-Lycabettus and at the ancient theater at Epidaurus.

Mainland Weather: Can be hot to very hot in the last part of the month
Island/Coastal Weather: Hot, but the meltemi, a strong wind, blows.
Prices: High, especially after mid-month.
Events: Local festivals, arts festivals aimed at tourists, sound and light shows. Outdoor cinemas are popular; many mountain villages have special events primarily attended by Greeks though all are welcome. Ioannina Cultural Summer and the Hellenic Festival events begin, and continue through August.

Facilities: Everything is open. Most frequent flights, ferries - often crowded but easiest to get around at this time of year, though the meltemi may cause some delays. Many resorts will have activities aimed at children; waterparks are open.

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