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Greece Through the Year - April

The first month of spring


Greece Through the Year - April
Mainland Weather: Temperatures push into the pleasant range, rain still frequent, but many days are sunny or partly sunny.
Island/Coastal Weather: Temperatures begin to warm, winds lighten. Water temperatures will still be cold, though several hotter days in a row can change that a bit.
Sample Temperature:
Heraklion Crete 54-67 °F 12-19°C
Prices: Low, rising in some places to moderate toward the end of the month.
Events: Local festivals; Easter often occurs in April. See Greek Easter Dates
Facilities: Island hotels and restaurants begin to open again. Boat schedules begin to be more frequent in some areas. Around Easter itself, "expect" unexpected closures, crowds, and delays; avoid any major travel on that weekend. (Fri-Mon).

More information: Easter Travel in Greece.

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