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The Top Ten Reasons to Travel to Greece

Knowing your reason can enhance your trip


Columns at the Temple of Zeus, Athens

The imposing columns of the Temple of Zeus, Athens, Greece.

deTraci Regula
With all the possibilities to explore in Greece, it helps to define the main purposes of your trip before you start paring down the options.

1. Visit world-famous archaeological sites.

2. Have fun in the sun on great Greek beaches - bare if you dare.

3. Expand your understanding of Greek culture for educational reasons

4. Explore your Greek family history

5. Get married or enjoy a honeymoon

6. Experience Greek arts including music, dance, and theater

7. Tick off a few more entries on a lifetime bucket list of destinations

8. Spend time enjoying a sport or hobby in an unusual location

9. Follow a sports team or attend a concert or festival.

10. Experience locations from movies shot in Greece

Other reasons include attending a professional conference or other workshop, visiting friends or family, volunteering on an archaeological dig, eco project, or other educational opportunity, and religious or spiritual pilgrimages to sacred sites.

Most people combine more than one reason in a single trip. The first three combine easily - it's hard to go to Greece and not see sights, have fun in the sun, and automatically expand your understanding of Greek culture.

Exploring family history or getting married or enjoying a honeymoon are more specialized activities and they require extra advance planning for a successful trip. So does a journey devoted to music or theater. More and more people are traveling for what is now termed "ancestral tourism" - visiting general or specific locations where their relatives once lived.

For world travelers, hitting the high notes of Greece on an organized tour may satisfy their Greek cravings. Number 8, activity-based or adventure travel, is just beginning to take hold in Greece, but has grown substantially in recent years - whatever you'd like to learn or do in Greece, you can probably find it. Voluntourism - where you spend part of your time teaching or helping - is also growing in popularity.

If you follow a sports team or musical group putting on an event in Greece, Greece itself may be secondary to your trip, but that doesn't mean you can't take full advantage of the location to create a memorable trip even if your side loses or the concert is cancelled at the last minute.

As for number ten, unlike the past, when Greek culture and history was an important part of most school curricula, many travelers are first introduced to Greece as the background setting for a movie. But like any good scene-stealer, the movie itself may be largely forgotten except for the beautiful Greek locations.

Whatever your reason for traveling to Greece, this magical country will fulfill your expectations - especially if you spend some time planning your trip ahead of time.

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