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Kefi on Thirassia

Kefi on Thirassia

deTraci Regula

Kefi is a hard-to-translate word which has been described by various Greeks as meaning the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm, high spirits, or frenzy. Kefi takes many forms. The custom of smashing plates is considered an expression of kefi, when the soul and body are overwhelmed with an exuberance that must find an outlet. The frenzied maenads - in ordinary life, Greek matrons - following Dionysus in ancient times were probably expressing a variety of kefi. Another example of kefi is the iconic image of Zorba dancing on the beach in Crete in the film "Zorba the Greek".

Whether they realize it or not, most tourists to Greece are looking for their own spirit of kefi - which may well be easier to find on a kefi-friendly beach or in a Greek taverna.

Pronunciation: keh-fee
Alternate Spellings: kephi
Common Misspellings: cephi, kefee
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