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Festivals in Greece

Almost every day's a holiday in Greece


columns cape sounion poseidon temple

The dramatic remains of the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.

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Please note: festivals in Greece change their dates due to many factors. If you are planning a trip around a particular festival, locally confirm that it is actually happening before you go. Corrections and additions to this list are welcomed.

Brief articles on many holidays can be found here: Events and Folklore

See the bottom of the page for information on Carnival season, which can occur in February or March.

January 1st - Saint Basil the Great - Widely observed. Cakes are baked with tokens for luck in the New Year. Name Day for Basil, Vassili.
January 1st - New Year's Day - Andros - Celebrations
January 1st - Western New Year's Day
January 1st - New Year's Day - Plaki - Customs from Farasson in Cappadocia
January 1st - New Year's Day - Enborio Eordaias near Kozany - traditional music and dance
January 1st - New Year's Day - Polikasro near Kilkis - costumed folklore presentations
January 6th - Epiphany - observed widely.
January 6th - Epiphany - Piraeus outside of Athens - Traditional diving for the cross
January 6th - Epiphany - Crete - Iraklion - Traditional diving for the cross
January 6th - Epiphany - Kozani - Lougatsaria and Karnavalia celebrations
January 6th - 8th - Epiphany - Kastoria - Ragoutsiaria
January 6th - Name day for Fotini, Photios, Theophanis.
January 7th - Feast Day for St. John the Baptist; Name Day for Ioannis, Yannis, Giannis
January 7th - Katarini (Katafigion) - Prodomition; Name Day for Prodromos
January 8th - Name Day for Dominikis, Dominick
January 8th - Seres - Monoklissia and Nea Petra - exchange of male and female roles
Janaury 8th - Seres - Strimi, Zilagani, Nea Kassani - exchange of male and female roles
January 8th - Aspro near Kilkis - exchange of male and female roles.
January 10th - Name Day for Grigorios, Nussis
January 11th - Theodosios, Thodoris, Theodora
January 12th - Name Day for Tatiana
January 17th - Feast Day for St. Anthony the Great; Name Day for Anthony, Antonios, Adonis.
January 17th - Feast Day for St. Adonis
January 18th - Feast Day for St. Athanasios and Cyril
January 19th - Name Day for Makarios
January 20th - Name Day for Efthimios, Eythimios, Thimios
January 21st - Feast Day for St. Maximos the Confessor
January 21st - Name Day for Agnes and Maximos
January 22nd - Feast Day for St. Timothy the Apostle; Name Day for Timothy
January 23rd - Agathangelos
January 24th - Name Day for Xeni, Xenia (and, presumably, Xena Warrior Princess)
January 25th - Feast Day for St. Gregory the Theologian; Name Day for Gregory, Grigoris.
January 26th - Name Day for Xenophon, Xenophontos
January 27th - Feast Day for St. Crisotomos
January 28th - Feast Day for St. Ephraim the Syrian; Name Day for Charis
January 29th - Name Day for Ignatios
January 30th - Feast Day for The Three Hierarchs, Trion Ierarxon

February - Corinth - Aklyonides
February 1st - Feast Day for St. Tryphon the Martyr
February 2nd - The Presentation of the Lord; Name Day for Ypapanti
February 3rd - Feast Day for Symeon and Annis Name Day
February 10th - Feast Day for St. Charalambos the Martyr
February 10th - Heraclia and Haralambos (Charalambos) Name Days.
Feburary 11th - Name Day for Vlassios
February 12th - Name Day for Meletios
February 14th - Feast Day for St. Valentine's Day
Februray 16th - Name Day for Jeremy, Ieremias
February 17th - Feast Day for St. Theodor Tyron
February 18th - Name Day for Leon
February 23rd - Name Day for Polykarpos
February 27th - Name Day for Theodore

March 1st - St. Maria the Egyptian; Name Day for Eudokias; Tis Tyrofagou
March 2nd - Feast Day for St. Theodore; Euthalias
March 3rd - Name day for Cleonikou March 5th - Name day for Kononos. About March 6th - Melina Mercouri Day - free admission to many museums and sites.
March 7th - Name day for Laurentiou (Lawrence)
March 8th - Name day for Theofulaktou, Hermes
March 16th - Name day for Christodoulou/Xristodoulou
March 17th - Name Day for Alexious
March 19th - Crysanthos Day
March 21st - Iakovou (Jacob)
March 25th - The Annunciation - Evanelismos tis Theotokou -widely observed religious feast; Name Day for Evagelos
March 25th - Independence Day. Celebrated throughout Greece.
March 27th - Name day for Ilarionos
March 31st - Name day for Ypatiou


Vigorous celebrations held in Naousa, Veria, Kozani, Zante, Skyros, Xanthi, Chios (at Mesta, Olimbi, and Thymiana) Galaxidi, Thebes (see below) Poligiros, Lamia, Kefallonia, Messini, Soho, Serres, Agiassos on Lesbos, Karpathos, Heraklion, Amfissa, Efxinoupolis (Volos) Agia Ansa (Evia) Rethymnon, Patras, and Athens. For more information, see Matt Barrett's Festival Page. Carnival is growing in popularity in Greece and many towns are reviving or adding customs.

Clean Monday - Thebes (Thiva) - Shepherd's Wedding and folkloric funeral when a man lies down, pretends he's dead, lamentations begin, and then he suddenly stands up.
Clean Monday (Shrove Monday) - Galaxidi - Aleuromountzouromata
Clean Monday - Athens - Lycabettus Hill - Kite flying
Clean Monday - "Dirty Monday" - Tyrnavos, Central Greece - Phallic festival with Dionysian roots.
Last Saturday of Carnival - Parade in Gythio in the Mani Region.
Thursday "in the middle" of Carnival season - Patras - Tsiknopempti - barbecue day

More Information and Travel Tips for Carnival Season: Carnival Time in Greece.

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Brief articles on many holidays can be found here: Events and Folklore

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