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How To Visit a Nude Beach in Greece


The cliffs at Red Beach offer a haven to nude sunbathers.

Red Beach is a popular nude beach near Matala, Crete

Picture of Red Beach © deTraci Regula; licensed to About.com
The sensuous beauty of the Greek islands inspires many visitors to explore nude sunbathing for the first time, especially at world-renowned bare-friendly beaches on Mykonos. If you're a novice at being naked, here's help.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 2 hours

Here's How:

  1. Decide what kind of beach is right for you - naturist (i.e. nude), family, gay, couples, mixed.
  2. Review the nude beaches listed at the links below, and travel to the appropriate island.
  3. Once there, ask your innkeeper, tavern bartender, or small-boat operator to confirm the beach's nudity status - some beaches are nude-friendly one year, and all 'Textile' (clothes-wearing) the next. A new beach may be the latest "nude" beach.
  4. Want to get to a remote cove or nude beach by boat? Ask your innkeeper for a recommendation. Chances are Uncle Yannis runs a boat. Negotiate before you get on board, and pay no more than half up front... you want them to remember to come back to get you.
  5. Check your sunscreen supply. Nude sunbathing is not for the sunscreen-phobic!
  6. Test sunscreen on sensitive soon-to-be-nude areas which may not normally be exposed to sunscreen or sunshine. Areas that readily sweat are most likely to react to ingredients in sunscreen.
  7. Select clothes that are easy to slip in and out of, including a beach coverup in case modesty suddenly wins out and you decide to abandon your nude beach experiment.
  8. Consider using a pair of surf sandals to avoid those nasty Greek sea anemones. It is perfectly acceptable to wear shoes on a nude beach, and you will still count as "nude".
  9. Leave your camera in your hotel room, or point it only at yourself or non-human scenery. Intrusive photography on a nude beach is so uncool! Here's another perspective from Ferne Arfin on Nude Beach Etiquette - in the somewhat chillier United Kingdom.
  10. Stay only an hour or two the first time you try going nude unless you really, really trust your sunscreen.
  11. Enjoy the freedom-loving spirit and legendary light of Greece in a whole new way!


  1. Don't just visit a nude beach to gawk, and if you do go, go bare.
  2. Beach areas near taverns or other businesses are unlikely to be nudist-friendly. If you visit a beach known to allow nude sunbathing, yet see nothing but swimsuits, keep walking.
  3. If you hire a small boat to reach a secluded beach accessible only by water, make sure you have bottled water, snacks, and warm clothing along just in case the captain is late returning to pick you up.
  4. The 'nude' sections often start just past privacy-creating rock formations. Some bare beaches divide into 'sections' -gay, couples, family- the same way.
  5. Experienced nudists don't mind novices, but resent 'textiles' invading the secluded beaches they may have spent years finding.

What You Need

  • Sunscreen
  • Loose beach coverup
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Surf sandals
  • Fun open attitude

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