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Greece Elections Result in New Greek Political Landscape

By May 6, 2012

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Early results from Greece reported by Kathimerini show an array of participants, but no clear winners on the Greek political landscape. While this means more potential diversity in Greek politics than ever before, some fear that it will prove unwieldy and could result in instability and additional elections to come, since no party appears to be claiming a clear majority.

And diversity it is - those taking seats in the new Parliament come from all across the political spectrum, with far-left and far-right parties making stronger than expected showings and at least seven different parties taking seats.

Centuries of dividing fields generation after generation has resulted in some parts of rural Greece resembling a patchwork quilt, each irregular field growing a different crop than its neighbor - and now the poltical landscape seems to be matching the terrain itself.

Kathimerini: Election swing leaves Greece teetering

More on political parties in Greece, including SYRIZA and Chryssi Avgi (Golden Dawn).

June 1, 2012 at 12:09 pm
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