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Terror Attempt on Delta/NWA Flight 253 - How Will it Affect Your Travel?

By December 26, 2009

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The Christmas Day attempted terror attack on Delta/NWA/KLM flight 253 will intensify and possibly change security procedures worldwide. Since the flight originated in Lagos, Nigeria and the alleged perpetrator also passed through Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, increased security at airports in Europe and Africa, and especially on the affected airlines, is highly likely.

The details of the device used in the attempted attack on the airplane are not clear at this time; it has been suggested by news sources that the suspect used a syringe filled with a chemical to activate some sort of powdered substance.

If this is true, and it is not clear at this time, those who travel with syringes for medical reasons can expect extra scrutiny. Make sure all associated paperwork is readily available and in order and you may want to explore back-up plans for your next destination in case your medication or equipment is confiscated or placed in stowed baggage which may then go astray or be further delayed.

  • Since a "powder" may have been involved, any powdery substances - food, spices, makeup - may now be looked at more carefully. If you don't need powder with you, pack it in your luggage instead.
  • This is a no-brainer - but allow extra time before your flights.
  • Before going to the airport, contact your airline directly for their updated recommendations, especially in the next week or so as the holiday travel season winds down.
  • If you are booking your multi-leg or international flights now, avoid tight connections as increased security may delay some flights, or slow you down going from terminal to terminal quickly enough to make a connection.
  • While it is tempting to try to avoid extra luggage fees and cram everything into your carryon baggage, if you are stopped for an additional search, every extra item which needs to be rummaged through or inspected just means more delay. BBC and CNN.

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