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Greece in July 2014

July is the pounding heart of summer in Greece - busy beaches, high energy, and hot, beautiful weather. If you don't like crowds, wait until September - but if you want that once-in-a-lifetime 'Summer in Greece' experience, go now. 

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Best Seaside Dining in Greece

Eating in Greece is a fun and flavorful experience, but it's even better when you can dine by the seaside. Here's where to go for the best experience in Greece.

On The Trail of Cleopatra in Greece

Visiting Greece? You're sharing a destination with Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt. Follow in her footsteps for a different itinerary through Greece.

Crocodile May Be New Tourist Attraction for Amari, Crete

A Cretan crocodile is the target of capture efforts but may instead become an enduring tourist attraction if a local mayor has his way.

What Time Zone is Greece In?

What Time Zone is Greece in? When calling Greece or confirming reservations, you need to know both the time zone and the usual business hours in Greece to get the information you need. Here's help.

Free Full Moon Classical Music Festival in Delphi

A trio of free concerts showcases beautiful spots in the ancient town and site of Delphi on the slopes of Mount Parnassos.

New TSA Rules - How Will They Affect Your Trip to Greece?

New TSA rules may complicate travel for visitors to Greece and elsewhere. Here's what to expect - as far as we know.

Events in Greece in August

Greece has no end of events to entice visitors. Here are some of them in the month of August.

Historic Spots in Greece for Doctors and Nurses

The birthplace of modern medicine on the Greek island of Kos attracts many doctors, but there are other sites worth visiting for a taste of medical history in Greece.

Do I Need my Driver's License in Greece If I'm Not Renting a Car?

Is the TSA now requiring driver's licenses along with passports?

Daylight Savings Time in Greece

Daylight Savings Time in Greece - When does it begin and end, and why it can affect your Greek trip. Find out if daylight savings time starts in Greece this weekend... or if it ends. Travelers in March, April, and October should know when it begins and ends.

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